Monday, June 26, 2006

Oaxaca Teachers Strike

As some of you might have heard teachers in Oaxaca, Mexico have been on strike since May 22nd, and have been engaged in a standoff with government officials--that at times has turned violent. The government of Oaxaca appears intent on doing whatever it takes to make the teachers to concede to their demands, but the teachers have been putting a resilient effort. This Wednesday, June 22nd, The Professional Staff Congress, CUNY's Teacher's union is holding yet another rally outside the Mexican Consulate in Manhattan to show support for our comrades in Oaxaca. If you're in NY and able to attend, do try making it out to show your support.

Labor/Teachers Rally to Support

Striking Teachers in Oaxaca, Mexico

Wednesday, June 28th

4:00-5:30 pm

The Mexican Consulate

(27 E. 39th St. between Park and Madison Aves.)

PSC-CUNY, the union of faculty and professional staff at City University of New York, is calling for a picket at the Mexican consulate to support our brother and sister Mexican teachers fighting a bitter, difficult strike in Oaxaca, southern Mexico. We call on the Mexican authorities to stop the violent use of police against the strike, and to meet the just demands of Local 22 of SNTE (National Education Workers Union). On June 14 Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortíz sent 1,700 armed state police against the teachers, bombarding them with tear gas from a helicopter, causing nearly 100 injuries and, reportedly three deaths among teachers and their children. As teachers and as unionists we must protest this outrage.

“This government is capable of anything,” one of the union leaders said, but added that the Popular Assembly “is prepared for any eventuality,” and that “none of our members will take a single step backward” (Jornada June 22, 2006). A New York Times report on June 22, describing the failure of the dawn police raid on June 14, confirmed the teachers’ resolve: “The raid failed miserably, as the teachers armed themselves with sticks and stones and fought running battles with the outnumbered police.”

June 22 marks a month into the teachers’ strike and encampment in the historic center of Oaxaca. The strike is for higher pay, but also for schools, supplies, and student stipends.

The teachers of Oaxaca and their allies in the Popular Assembly inspire us with their courage under attack and their effective organization. We call on all New York City unions, our students and other concerned citizens, to join us to protest police brutality against these teachers and to support their strike.


For more information contact Mary Ann Carlese at the PSC at

212-354-1252 ext. 225 or

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Wardell Franklin said...

this is kinda crazy. when i was in oaxaca in '01, the teachers were on strike. they were camped out in the middle of the city center for the entire month i was there (and well after, i'm sure).

la lucha continua.