Sunday, June 25, 2006

I've Always Been More of a Moet Brother

A few weeks ago while checking out Nah Right's blog I spotted a post about Jay Z's decision to ban Cristal from his 40/40 clubs and in effect calling for an all out boycott of the champagne because of remarks made by the company's president in an interview with the economist. Having never carelessly spilled a bottle of the bubbly over a bevy of video vixens and party goers, much less purchased one, like many rappers and some other select members of the "hip hop generation," I knew this boycott would have no bearing on my life whatsoever.

That said, I did think it was good thing that "El Presidente" was being more civic minded. And since he's a trendsetter hopefully this will be a trend that more rappers will follow. So with your help maybe we can convince rappers to expand the list of boycotted items beyond Cristal and to include other items whose manufacturers seem to have very little regard to their products impact in black communities. Here are my first three entries on what should be a long list of items that it would be kinda dope to see what would happen in the hood if MCs stopped dropping their brand names in their lyrics.
Smith and Wesson

Luger Pistols

Crack Cocaine

Those are my top three, do you have anything to add to this list?

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